Workshop Objectives

The EnMAP Workshop 2017 “Recent Advances in the Scientific Preparation of the EnMAP Mission” will be held from September 6 to 8 at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich, Germany.

The meeting follows two objectives:

First, it is the goal of the workshop to inform a broader community about the results of research projects that are currently funded by the space administration of DLR Bonn in the context of the scientific preparation of the EnMAP mission.

Second, the workshop intends to provide an opportunity for exchange with respect to best campaigning and programming practice among those who are actively involved in the scientific preparation of the EnMAP mission.

The workshop program consists of two parts:

The first part, held on Wednesday, September 6, will focus on scientific presentations given by PhD students about studies that have been funded within the “EnMAP Data Exploitation and Application Development Program”. This part of the workshop has an official character and is open for a broad audience.

The second part of the workshop, which will be held on Thursday and Friday September 7-8, will enhance the theoretical introduction of the workshop by hands-on exercises using the EnMAP-Box software and guided tours. Because part of the practical sessions will concentrate on a spectrometer inter-calibration experiment, those participants, who do not need to travel from a long distance, are encouraged to bring along their spectral devices that are used in the different groups in the context of EnMAP-related campaigns, so that they can be included in the inter-calibration effort. The extended part of the workshop is limited to 30 participants, which mainly should be PhD-candidates recruited from the ongoing EnMAP scientific preparation projects.